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GNP Idiomas

GNP Idiomas was founded in 1994. It’s a family run school with an excellent reputation for outstanding results and a fun learning environment. Around 10-12 teachers work at the school and there is a positive work environment. Teachers have full support from the head teacher and all materials are made available to them including access to computers, internet, supplementary material, photocopiers and IWBs.

Teachers Required

GNP Idiomas

GNP Idiomas requires EFL Teacher for academy.

Job Offer

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Photo of exterior of GNP Idiomas:

GNP Idiomas exterior


GNP Idiomas class

General Information:

GNP Idiomas.


Date uploaded:
Dec. 6, 2016.

When did academy open?


GNP Idiomas class

Contact person and title:
Lena Moreira Director of studies. Receives and screens all CVs that arrive at the school..

Contact phone:
91 408 669. Send your CV. All CVs are looked at and kept for future reference.


c/Juan Perez Zuñiga 22. It’s a 7 min walk from the Barrio de Concepción metro station or Pueblo Nuevo. Bus 21 from the centre also stops across the street from the school. The school is on street level and easily accessible. There are two buildings; one for younger groups and another one for older groups and exam prep.

GNP Idiomas exterior

Facilities and classrooms:
Internet and computers are available with IWB in every classroom. Library and lunch areas with a fridge and microwave for teacher use.

Have good materials support, photocopier?
All materials that teachers might need are provided. All manuals, books, supplementary reference material and supplies are made available to all teachers. There is ongoing teacher support with specific meetings for exam prep and how to maximize use of teaching resources. Teachers have access to copiers in both buildings with Bluetooth to print from USB sticks.

Have "Director of Studies" (DOS) support?
Teachers are in constant contact with the Director of Studies. Regular meetings ensure that all teachers get support when needed. There are two semesters at the school with exams, progress reports and meetings which help teachers stay on target in terms of objectives for in-house exams and external official ones.


GNP Idiomas class

Employment Information:

Teachers are usually hired for the school year which runs from October to June but there are a few courses that start in September. Contracts can be extended into July for those who are interested in working on our summer courses both in Madrid or abroad. Our contract includes paid Christmas and Easter holidays when the school is closed.

How many teachers does GNP Idiomas hire per year?
Most teachers stay on for a few years so hiring of new teachers fluctuates from year to year. There is an average of 12 teachers on staff. Teachers that would like to be more involved at the school may be offered permanent full-time contracts and take on a dual role. Some combine teaching with either marketing or cultural activities where they design and implement the various activities that the school organizes throughout the year

Qualification requirements for employment?
At GNP we have no experience pre-requisite for employment and have hired teachers right after their TEFL or CELTA. It is important for us that all teachers be willing to take some young learners classes to be able to offer a full-time schedule. New teachers are offered plenty of support and feedback to help them fulfill the high standards at the school.

Hire at a distance?
If teachers are applying for a position from abroad, we can have a preliminary skype meeting but require a face to face interview before a final decision is made.

Hire Americans and do their papers?
Unfortunately, we cannot hire anybody who is not in possession of legal working papers. We don’t hire Americans with student visas either.

GNP Idiomas exterior

Preference for British or Americans? Why?
We love the variety of accents and have British, Canadian, Australian and American teachers on staff!

Best part about working at GNP Idiomas:
There is a friendly work environment. Most teachers eat together because their schedules here allow for that. The more experienced teachers are always willing to lend a helping hand.

GNP Idiomas Teacher

Offer teacher training or development along with job?
There is a week-long teacher training for new teachers and continuous support throughout the year. Teachers who would like to teach ISE, FCE or CAE can have specific training. Teachers who have been on staff for 2 years are often offered jobs in management and course development.

Starters' average salary?
1,400 €/month (22 contact hours per week) with paid holidays.

Teachers' Video:

Job Offer:

Uploaded July 4, 2018.

GNP Idiomas Job / Employment title: Native Level English Teacher Positions 2018-2019.
Academy: GNP Idiomas
Location: Madrid.
Need the teacher by: September.
Minimum experience required: 1 year.

new Oct. 24 update:
Looking for teachers with at least a years' experience with children and adults with NIE and social security number. Schedule:
Mondays 14-15, 19.00-20.15.
Wednesdays 14-15, 19.00-21.30.
Tuesdays and Thursdays 19.00-20.15.
Fridays 17.30-19.30.
Total 10 hours with potential for more.

Description of the academy: GNP Idiomas has an over 20 year, well-established reputation for academic excellence close to the centre of Madrid.

At GNP we teach people of all ages and levels, from 4/5 years old and up! We also have an academic director and teacher coordinator who are there to help and support you throughout the year. Classes usually go from 13.00-15.00, 17.30-21.30 depending on your profile (more young learners/more exam preparation, or a bit of everything) We also have digital whiteboards and encourage the use of technology in the classroom.

-Bachelors degree - preferably in languages/humanities/education.
-EU nationals with working permit rights (applicants who do not hold EU citizenship or the necessary legal documents which allow them to work in Spain cannot be considered).
-Native level speaker.
-Experience with Cambridge and Trinity exams.

- ability to meet deadlines.
- confident in class management.
- interest in other cultures/languages.
- IT literate, competent using Google Drive
Conditions of employment: Contract.
Salary: We offer 16 per hour gross with the opportunity to gain bonuses for reaching academic objectives.
Contact information: Department of Studies

  • Person: Gemma O'Connell.
  • Email:
  • Telephone: 91 408 6649.

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