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Atocha photos

Here are some photos of the area around Atocha. This area includes Madrid's central train station, the Reina Sofia museum and the Royal Botanical Gardens.


Baxter Business Services looking for a full-time teacher for its school near Campo de las Naciones (nearest metro Canillas brown line 4).
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Atocha area

Ronda de Atocha between Reina Sofia Museum and Atocha Train Station.

Ver mapa más grande

A view of Atocha from Google Maps Photos. Take a virtual drive around the area.

Company Requires English Teachers

Passit365 logo
Pass it 365 seeking English teacher for in-company classes.
In-company English Classes - San Sebastian de los Reyes/Alcobendas 17-19.00 - Mon & Wed and Mon to Thur.

Wayman English International, SL.Wayman seeking English teacher in Madrid
Monday and Wednesday from 14.15-15.45 (small group) intermediate level on Calle de Ciudad de Frías (south) 5 minutes walking from the Tren de cercanias stop Villaverde Alto or also the metro Villaverde Alto. 28 euros per hour gross for freelance teachers. Immediate start.

Baxter Business Services looking for a full-time teacher for its school near Campo de las Naciones (nearest metro Canillas brown line 4).
Teaching on-site in the mornings, mainly to adults, and a small amount of hours in the evening, to children or teenagers.

The "Jungle" in Atocha Train Station.

A quieter view of the Atocha jungle.

A pond at the Royal Botanical gardens northeast of Atocha.

Same pond, opposite point of view.
There are more photos of the botanical gardens in Madrid here: Botanical Gardens Photos.
The Prado and Thyssen Museums are right next to these gardens: Banco de Espana Photos.
Royal Botanical Gardens in Google Maps.
Real Jardin Botánico de Madrid on Wikipedia.
Official Website.
Atocha railway station in Madrid by r0x-sm on Flickr (CC)

Atocha railway station in Madrid by r0x-sm on Flickr (CC)

The front door of the Atocha train station.
Atocha on Wikipedia
Atocha Renfe on Google Maps.
Renfe Train Station - "Cercanias"
Renfe Map of Madrid
MetroMadrid (Map on index page.)

The entrance to the Reina Sofia Museum.
Reina Sofia Museum on Wikipedia
Reina Sofia Museum Website

The Train Museum of Madrid is just south of the Atocha station.
Train Museum Photos.

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Magdalena English

Magdalena English seeks part-time English teachers for academy classes. One year of teaching and work permit required. Classes start immediately in a new academy in a modern building.

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