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After two decades, we are starting back over from scratch with this new “state-of-the-art” Online Content Management System where we’ll both post new activities and recover old ones from the previous website.

Lyrics vocabulary 1

This is all vocabulary taken from song lyrics. (Native-level) Lyrics vocabulary flashcards 1: (Native-level) Lyrics vocabulary crossword...

Clases de inglés con juegos de mesa

Ofrezco estos juegos online en Steam (tienes que poseer el juego en Steam):  1. Pandemic: The Board Game (Con DLCs: Virulent Strain y Roles & Events)       BGG: ranking 7.6/10, #99 en el ranking de juegos de mesa con más de 102,000...

Contact Steven at to register in our blog and on our Google Classroom for students!

Besides teaching general English conversation classes online, we’ll also be using Google’s excellent service to organize the activities that we’ll be sharing in the Blog. In your email, introduce yourself and tell us who you are, tell us that you’d like us to register you in the classroom and in the blog (free), tell us where you’re from, and tell us why you’d like to join (are you an English student learning English?). I will then add you to these services manually. Sorry for the process, but it’s just for security. 


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